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I'm a 24 year old Christian who lives in New Zealand.

I was Flutterdash7 since I joined this website, but as someone who has largely left the MLP fan community, I feel the name is no longer relevant to me. I chose the name Frostfairy7 as I like the cold. Winter themes appeal to me as do cute fairies. I'm also a Jack Frost x Toothiana shipper and Frostfairy is one of less used ship names for them.

When not working for Maori TV or freelancing for smaller jobs, I like to take photos, read fan fiction, write, find cool pictures and occasionally draw. I'm also a gamer who plays strategy and FPS games.
I used to be a huge fan of My Little Pony. I still quite like Flutterdash but my two favourite ponies are Cadence and Luna. Cadence is best princess.

MLP: FlutterDash
Shining Armour / Cadence
Twilight / Princess Luna

Rise Of the Guardians: Jack Frost / Toothiana
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league of legends: Ahri / Volibear and Zac / Riven
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Lion King: Nala / Simba
Pokemom: Ash/Misty and Raichu/Mew (yes... shipping actual pokemon... most of the human characters are just so annoying.)
Jak and Daxter: Jak / Keira
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Dragon Ball: Goku / Chichi
Crash Bandicoot: Coco Bandicoot / Dingodile
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Ratchet and Clank: Angela Cross / Ratchet.

+Flutterdash Stamp+ by A-Ponies-LoveCadence x Shining Armor Stamp by SonicandErikfan SoarinFire Stamp by SoraJayhawk77
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Balto and jenna stamp 2 by okamiblancoJackXTooth Fan by Allendra3.:Balto and Jenna:. by InuYashaSesshomaru

Animals of Farthing wood stamp by Gaurdianax
My fave characters from what is probably the oldest animated show I am a huge fan of:
AOFW Stamp: Fox by DetectiveRJ x AOFW Stamp: Vixen by DetectiveRJ

Other cool characters:
AOFW Stamp: Whisper by DetectiveRJAOFW Stamp: Lady Blue by DetectiveRJ Bold and Whisper by Farthingwood-FanclubMeasley+Weasel by Revay
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And these are my fave pokemon (just because I play a lot of pokemon X and enjoy battling people online with my OP lineup of cuteness)
Shiny Mega Absol by Marlenesstamps Shiny Raichu by Marlenesstamps Mew Stamp by Kevfin
And I love suicune, or as I always call her, Sweetie
pokemon suicune by XiahismSuicune Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsShining Suicune Stamp. by KuroKarasu

And the rest of my core party:
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Derp Derp :)

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 12:17 PM

Generic name to test who actually reads these...

Who wants the next chapter of crashing Angels? 

I'm slowly working through, correcting the present tense in the older chapters to use the past tense. Im doing so because the latest chapter in the story has been written in past tense. Its easier for me now as I write stories differently to how I used to.

The next chapter is finally pretty much ready to go, my proofreader just has to finish checking the last parts. 

So my question to you all, do i just release this next chapter and then go back and continue correcting the older chapters or should I wait? 
Who just wants it now? 

  • Listening to: Christian Metal


Rainbow Dash poked her head out the door into the neat corridor of her best friend’s house. A cheeky grin from a filly who knows she is someplace off limits dwelt upon her muzzle.

“Hey, Fluttershy! Come here! I’ve found some cool stuff!” Dash turned to her best friend, pointing eagerly at the room within.

“Rainbow...” Fluttershy yawned a bit, letting out a sleepy, groan of annoyance as she comes up from behind, “What are you doing? What did you find?”

“Come here before we get discovered and see, silly.” The eager filly frantically waved to her friend, hoping that no adults could hear them in the mansion.

With a sigh, the creamy yellow filly goes over to Rainbow Dash, “Okay, what is it?”

“Look at this...” A cyan hoof waved around, showcasing the artwork in the small room. “I Never knew they collected... stuff.”

The small room looked like a art gallery, on it’s walls hung various paintings that appear to have come from all across Equestria.

After realizing which the room they were in, Fluttershy’s eyes went wide before she grabbed her friend and pulled her away, “Rainbow! We can’t go in there!”

“Why not?” The bold filly stood her ground, resisting the tugs. “It’ll be fun getting to see what your parents have. Besides... they won’t come looking for us until it’s breakfast time.” A big grin lit up the blue face of the offending filly.

“Rainbow, it’s my dad’s art stuff! I... I don’t want to break anything. You’ll get us in trouble! Please, don’t go in there. My parents always say only big ponies are allowed in there,” Fluttershy pleaded.

“Aww... Just this once?” replied the multi colored pegasus, head drooping. She still wanted to see what was inside each room, despite the fact that it was off limits.

“I want to... I’d love to show you. But I’m not allowed. And I don’t want us to get in trouble...and I don’t want you to leave because of it. Please, Rainbow...forget about it. Let’s just go do something else...okay?” coaxed the lanky filly.

“Awww...” The confident youngster, sported a sad look. She glanced back into the room in wonder one last time before turning away.

“....I’ll ask mommy if she can show us around the room later. Maybe then she’ll let us inside if somepony is there to look after us. But not now. Not by ourselves...we can’t...”

“Fine. I don’t want to go in there anyway...” The door closed behind the light blue filly as she left, temporarily beaten.

Guilt flooded Fluttershy and she bowed her head, following her best friend in silence for a few painful moments. “Rainbow...I’m sorry... I didn’t...didn’t mean to make you sad... there...anything else you want to do? Are you hungry? Um...”

“Well...” A cunning look crossed the cyan filly’s muzzle as she crouched down.

The yellow filly gave her friend a look of confusion as she continued to await an answer.  Rainbow Dash wiped the look off her face by pouncing upon her, a triumphant grin upon her face.

“Eep! R-Rainbow? What are you...” Fluttershy giggled a bit in delight, “What are you doing, silly?”

“Having some fun,” The cyan filly promptly grinned back at the yellow ball of plush only to rush off as if her tail were on fire. “Catch me if you can!”

The yellow filly beamed with delight before she pranced after the blue speedster, full of excitement, “Come back here, Rainbow!”

“Nope!” The speedster leaped into a side room, knowing full well that it was probably one of the out of bounds areas.

Fluttershy quickly realized her friend may have strayed out of bounds and so picked up speed to catch up. She glanced about to check what room she had entered. This time, it appeared to be the library, which although not forbidden, was still a room they should be careful in.

“Rainbow, be careful in here! Don’t knock anything over...!”

“I won’t!” Laughed the speedy filly before smacking into something that sounded expensive.

A frightened yelp escaped Fluttershy who rushed  over to stop a vase from falling. Because it’s small, she managed to catch it in her hooves when it fell off the pedestal it was sitting on.

“Oops...” giggled the crashable blue filly. She slowly walked over to help her friend, easily lifting the ornate vase and placing it on the soft cloud floor.

“Rainbow.” The larger filly made it clear that her friend’s actions are undesired, scowling across at her.

“What? Somepony should have put it on the floor in the first place!”

“Please put it back. And don’t do this again... You have to be careful, my parents are nice... but don’t do anything to make them mad. They don’t like it...” Fluttershy chided, not enjoying the thoughts of what either parent would do if they were to break anything.

“Fine... fine...” With a grunt, the strong minute pegasus lifted the vase up again. The fragile item wobbled precariously on her back for a few moments before she succeeded in sliding it onto it’s stand once again.

Fluttershy smiled, relief flooding her system, “Thank you, Rainbow.”

The ever confident filly strode past her, playfully clipping the yellow filly’s nose with her short wing.

“Hey...” Fluttershy giggled. She then pounced on her best friend, snuggling her and pinning her to the floor. “I got you, my Rainbow! Hee hee! You did say for me to catch you!”

“I did...” The stronger youngster rolled over, tummy to tummy with her best friend, grinning brazenly up at her. “Right... now that you have me... what are you going to do? I’m up for some pranking...” Her grin became rather hopeful as she gazed up into the shining eyes above.

“I...don’t know...” Fluttershy murmured, uncertain. She leaned down and nuzzled her friend gently. “But we could try some sewing... or gaze out our balcony... or play with my toys...”

“Um... I guess I could take another look out before breakfast....” Relented the speedster, unwilling to completely let go of her own ideas for fun.

“Are you sure?” Fluttershy ruffled her mane, “I mean, only if you want to. We can play some games, if you’d rather do that.”

“Pranks make good games,” replied Dash, grinning.

“No. Pranks are mean.” The shy filly insisted, trying her best to be assertive in the face of her smaller companion.

“Some day, Fluttershy, I am going to have to do something with you. No pranks...? How can you even live with no pranks.”

“I don’t know... I just... do...?” Fluttershy replied with an uncertain tone entering her voice.

“Breakfast time girls!” The call from Fluttershy’s mother perked the interest of both tiny pegasi.

While Dash raced on ahead, eager to eat, Fluttershy walked with a thankful smile upon her muzzle. ‘Trust mom to save me’ she thought to herself as she neared the kitchen.


Before long, breakfast was over and Dash pushed her bowl away, full. A satisfied smile played across her lips. Now they have the rest of the day all to themselves. The speedy youngster stood, about to ask her best friend to follow her out when the gentle voice of the shy filly’s mother stopped her.

“Going so soon?”

“Yea,” replied Rainbow Dash.

“Well in this house, every pony stays till everypony is finished, that goes for breakfast as well young missy,” the graceful mare smiled down at the cyan plush ball.

“Fine...” With a scowl, the hasty pegasus sat down again.

Fluttershy smiled, delighted; it was great to see her best friend was willing to follow the rules for once. Still wearing her emotions on the outside, the yellow filly continued her meal, eating slowly as always, savouring every bite.

Cerise eyes traversed the room in silence. Although her best friend's parents are cool, Dash wasn’t sure about the rules part of it. Rules were for boring ponies and grown ups. She decided that a prank has to happen soon, or she will fall asleep from the boredom.

With slight shuffling motion, Dash drew closer to her best friend. Fluttershy smiled back at her, clearly not one to mind the proximity in the slightest. The prankster waited until Fluttershy scoops up a decent mouthful on her spoon before she broke into action.

A light blue hoof ‘accidently’ swiped the spoon out of the yellow hoof holding it. The utensil and the food upon it flew into the face of Fluttershy’s dad, who dropped his spoon in shock at the unexpected projectile.

“Oops... Sorry.” Rainbow Dash did her best to suppress a giggle.

“Was that really necessary?” the stallion asked, clearing his muzzle of the mess with a forehoof.

“Rainbow Dash!” quietly exclaimed Fluttershy in shock. “I thought you said you were going to play nice!”

“I am!” argued the cyan filly, defensively.

“Oh no... I think I get it.” A giggle escaped from Fluttershy’s mother, her fiery red mane covered her face as she allowed herself the mirth. “You’re not used to waiting for others to finish their meal.”

“No. Yes... Maybe...?” Dash trailed off, glancing between the three other pegasi in the room uncertainly.

“You may go then Rainbow.” A dark yellow hoof took the bowel off the troublemaker before gently waving her out. “You’re most welcome to enjoy yourself in my daughter’s playroom while she finishes her meal.”

“Thanks, Mrs Shy!” called Rainbow Dash as she galloped out of the room, with a big fat grin sitting on her muzzle.

“Here you go, Fluttershy.” The kind mare hoofed her daughter's spoon back to her. “Once you’re finished, if you need anything more just let me know.”

“Yesm mum. Thank you,” the quiet as a mouse reply from Fluttershy quickly turned back into the sounds of three ponies enjoying their breakfast.


After breakfast, Rainbow Dash was nowhere to be found.

Fluttershy re-entered the dining room to the sight of her parents sharing a quick nuzzle. She smiled at the special something they so clearly shared. Something in her told her that one day she too will know what it’s like to have a special somepony to love and care for her.

She broke into a small giggle as the grown-ups continued to enjoy the touch of the other. At the sound of a filly giggling, Scarlet Sunset turned and spotted her daughter. “Oh! Hello, Fluttershy. Is something the matter, dear?”

“Um... yes... Rainbow Dash. She’s vanished,” replies the timid youngster in a hushed tone.

“Gone? But I thought she was playing with you?” The kind sunny mare approached her daughter, concerned that the troublemaker had managed to get herself into some sort of trouble.

“I hope she’s not in my office or the gallery,” huffed Autumn Leaf as he strode off to check.

[i]‘Oh no[/i]!’ Fluttershy felt herself become rigid with fear as she remembered the room her best friend had discovered before breakfast. She could feel it was where her friend must be, the knowledge of which slowly filled her and one thought became dominant as she rushed '[i]I hope she hasn’t broken anything[/i]’

Fluttershy and her mother followed the concerned stallion along the hallway. He paused first to check his office, which is thankfully void of any young pegasus pranksters.

The trio quickly made their way to the art room, Autumn Leaf in the lead. “Well. Just as long as she’s not in here, I might let you two finish searching for her,” he told his family as he opened the door.

The once dry stallion found himself the landing pad for a small rain cloud which drenched its unsuspecting victim faster than he could cry out in surprise. His deep voice bordered on an unstallion-like pitch as the cold rain water ran down his coat. His wings shot out as the shock radiated down his spine and to his tail.

The next thing the three pegasi know, sounds of laughter rent the air, revealing the hiding place of Rainbow Dash. The trickster rolled out from behind the door. With a big grin upon her muzzle, she waved up at the trio.


“Get out.” Stone silence killed the grin on Dash’s muzzle.

"But-" it was clear from the look of shock on her face and the sudden stutter, she didn't anticipate this response. Before anything further could escape her muzzle, the angry stallion's rant shut it.

“Come on. I don’t need some silly little filly breaking my collection. Now out!” Taking action, he hoisted Rainbow Dash up by her tail, plonking her into the hallway and shutting the door behind her.

“But... that was funny. Wasn’t it?” The cyan filly’s plea was met by a shake of the stallion’s head as he dislodged some water, donating some to everypony around him.

“No. It was silly and immature.” With a sigh, Autumn Leaf turned and marched off down the hallway. “Scarlet, please make sure she doesn’t do it again. I have work to do.”

Once the annoyed stallion is out of earshot, the one remaining parent turned to the prankster with a sly smile. “I don’t think my husband likes being subject to your pranks. But I do think it was funny seeing him get drenched like that. He needs something to loosen him up once in a while.”

“Mom...!” Fluttershy can hardly believe the latest turn of events. “T-that’s not very nice.”

“Awww come on, Fluttershy. Lighten up. Even your mom likes my pranks.” The cheeky blue youngster grinned, abuzz with delight at the apparent success of her work. ‘I wonder what else I can do next to make this place cooler?’

With that thought, Dash waltzed off as if on a mission.

Fluttershy felt a hoof gently prod her shoulder. “You might want to go after her, dear,” giggled Scarlet Sunset. “I trust you to keep her out of trouble.”

“Right...” Said filly rushed off in pursuit of her friend. No doubt Rainbow Dash would reveal herself sooner or later.


One lone filly lay upon her best friend's bed. It was nearly that time. Time to go home.

While her friend’s house had not been quite as exciting as she had hoped for, it certainly was better than her own. At least this journey home she would have company. As her friend moved around and made final preparations for the small trip, Rainbow Dash allowed her mind to wander.


“And this here is my house Fluttershy.” Grinned Rainbow Dash as she pointed to her parents well adorned cloud house.

“It’s... nice…” Fluttershy trailed off, unable to believe her best friends dwelling was so lavish.

“Actually... it kinda sucks compared to your place... but it’s home,” shrugged the cyan speedster as she walked up to the front door. “Mom and Dad don’t do much. It’s just our family home.”

“Oh... Um... It makes sense... I guess,” meeky responded Fluttershy as her friend ushered her inside.

“So, come on!” Dash urged, grinning at her, “I’ll show you my room! I have the coolest Wonderbolt posters!”

“Okay,” agreed Fluttershy. Wonderbolts may not fall under her small list of interests, but it would be nice to see her friends room.

They entered the house, with Rainbow Dash leading the way. As the door opened, loud voices were heard from inside one of the rooms. It caught their attention, even distracting Fluttershy slightly from the decor.

“Hey, No! I want that!” The raised voice of Rainbow Dash’s father rang out across the room.

“No more cider for you!” Gust appeared from out of the kitchen. Held protected in her storm-cloud grey wings were two unopened bottles of hard cider and a third one that was almost empty.

Blaze hurried out behind his wife, a slight stumble in his step as his hooves seemed to slip along the floor. She in turn whirled around, preventing him from getting too close to his precious drinks.

“Look at you. Its not even mid day and your wasted,” growled the angry mare, unaware that there were two fillies nearby.

“No, I’m not,” insisted Blaze as he tried and failed to remove one of the bottles from his wife’s strong grip.

“Look. I’m not arguing with you.” Gust butted her husband away. The impact was enough to propel her wind whipped black mane into the space previously occupied by her inebriated mate.

“Look, I’m swearing to drunk I’m not Celestia!” Blaze shouted, approaching her again.

Rainbow Dash did her best to conceal a giggle as her mother backed away from the drunk stallion. As soon as he took another unsteady step forward, she swiftly raced out the front door without stopping to wonder why it was open.

Blaze took off after his wife as best he could. Due to his intoxicated state, the muscular stallion clipped the side of the door frame so hard he left an indent before continuing on, seemingly unaware of his collision.

It was at this point that Rainbow Dash burst out laughing at her father's actions. “He doesn't usually get this bad.”

“It’s not funny!” reprimanded Fluttershy as she turned upon her friend.

“I know...” Rainbow Dash trailed off. She sobered quickly as realisation stuck, something bad must have happened to make her mother act that way.

“Rainbow… why didn’t you tell me?” Fluttershy asked, her irritance faded, replaced by sorrow, “I’m… so sorry…”

“It’s fine,” countered Dash. “I just hope Dad will be okay. Mom doesn't usually lose it like this when he gets drunk.”

Fluttershy sighed a bit, placing a hoof on her shoulder, “He doesn’t… hurt you, does he?”

“No way.” The cyan filly shrugged the question off. “He just... works and... drinks cider.” She paused, suddenly sad. “And eats.”

As words of comfort formed on Fluttershys muzzle, a sigh rent the air. The sigh from a storm grey grown mare who had just re-entered the home.

“And how long have you two been here?” Gust flicked her wind whipped black mane back as she gazed down at the pair of young pegasi.

“Um...” stuttered Fluttershy, unsure about how to answer such a question.

“Do you and dad do that often?” asked the concerned rainbow maned filly.

Seeing as her question had just been answered, albeit in a round-about fashion, Gust sighed once more. “No. I just wish he would act more like the amazing stallion I married.”

“I’m sorry,” Fluttershy murmured.

“...Anyway, Mom, I’m just... gonna bring Fluttershy to my room,” Dash cut in as she grabbed her friend’s foreleg.

“Right. You do that.” Gust smiled as the pair rushed off, “and she is welcome to stay over too.”

“Hear that Fluttershy?” grinned Rainbow Dash as she quickly navigated her way through the hallways toward her room.

Fluttershy nodded. The shy pegasus suddenly came to a halt as she spotted the family pictures along the hallway leading toward the bedrooms.

“This here’s my room,” announced the proud filly, pointing into her room. “Hey Fluttershy what's up?”

“Are these...”

“All the family pictures. Yea,” Dash cut in.

Fluttershy trotted along, her gaze wandering along the collection. As she found the newer pictures her gaze came to rest on one of the photos. “Awww... You look so adorable as a baby!” She cooed. Fluttershy smiled up at the picture of Blaze holding what appeared to be a few weeks old Rainbow Dash carefully to his chest. Gust stood behind her husband, a wing draped across his back. Both adults bore silly smiles of adoration for their new daughter.

“No I don’t.” The speedster groaned, suddenly embarrassed by the presence of such family photos. “Anyway... can we go check out my room now? I’ve been kinda looking forward to showing you my cool stuff.”

“But you’re so cute! Look at your cute little face!” Fluttershy cooed over the photo some more, “Awww, I would hold you and snuggle you if you were a baby!”

Rainbow Dash recoiled at this and made a face. “Right. Well... I’m going into my room now.”

Watching her go, Fluttershy tore herself regretfully away from the cute image, “Wait for me, Rainbow!”

The cyan speedster grinned to herself. Success. She walked over to her bed just as her companion entered the well adorned room. Fluttershy gazed around, then sat down on her haunches.

“It’s a nice room…”

“Its an awesome room!” corrected Dash. “Look, the latest Wonderbolts poster, I got it just before I went to school... Don't they look awesome!?” The suddenly overexcited filly gushed, her forehooves held high in exclamation as she immersed herself in the glory of her heroes.

Fluttershy smiled fondly, more interested in Dash’s excitement than anything else, “Oh yes, they do.” The yellow filly slowly made her way to her friend’s side, “and you will look even cooler than they do one day.”

That put a cocky grin upon the future Wonderbolt’s features. Dash turned to once again face the poster of her heroes. She pictured herself up there with them, flying through the sky. Her body tilted and her wings flapped a little as she allowed herself to be captured by the daydream.

Just as it was approaching the good part where she would pull of some spectacular final move, the crowds cheers became giggles. “Huh...?” Dash blinked a few times before a blush fell upon her muzzle.

She realised she had just made a huge fool of herself in front of everypony. More specifically, one pony. Her best friend, and it was Fluttershy who had failed to hold back her giggles.

“Sorry,” apoligised Fluttershy, forcing the rest of her mild hysterics away. Her gaze fell upon the floor in shame. Rainbow Dash might want to throw her out now that she had just laughed at her in the middle of an amazing daydream. Or worse, she might want want to be friends anymore, or-

“Hey, Fluttershy... It’s okay,” comforted Dash as she placed a forehoof tentatively around her friend’s shoulders. The daydreamer had spotted the look that covered her friend’s pretty face. It was a strange mix of sadness, shame and maybe even fear... Rainbow Dash was not overly sure. Although she had no idea what she should do to ease the situation, Rainbow soon found herself gripped in a tight, thankful hug.

“Um... Okay...” She trailed off unsure as to why her friend was acting so strangely. Before her mind could wonder what the problem could be, she brushed the thoughts away. It was probably just Fluttershy being nervous old Fluttershy. As long as she was there to protect her from... whatever it was, they would both be fine.

“Rainbow? Would you like to play a game or something? I think it’d be fun if we could.”

“Yea. That sounds like a cool idea.” Rainbow Dash grinned back at her friend.
Crashing Angels Chapter 11: Pranks and Parents
Crashing Angels chapter 11

This is a story of filly Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. How they discovered the joys of life, love and friendship and all the surprises that happen along the way.
The aim of the story is to make it as canon and cute as possible in the telling of their early lives. 

Special thanks to :iconnintendogal55: for assisting with the writing of the chapter. Without her help, Crashing Angels may never have seen another chapter. 
To think its been nearly two years since this, my first story last saw an update. I need to get a little more regular with it :) 

I'm keen to know what people think, no comments, no update.

So far, chapter one has also been renovated, a few minor details have been tweaked to better suit canon as well as my own more evolved ideas. Nothing too major, but if you can't clearly remember the story, the link is below to chapter one where it all starts. I would be greatly interested to see what people think of that chapter now too. I'm working on updating the other chapters a little too and those will quietly follow over the next month or two before I release chapter 12. 
The story plan has also been shortened due to my lacking interest in MLP to around 20 chapters instead of twice that. But I do still hope to get it finished. 

Chapter one: Crashing Angels - A FlutterDash fillies story Ch.1
Luna's night settled over Ponyville, silent and still. The chill night air brought with it a sense of peace and tranquillity to everypony and their families.
The alicorn herself appeared silently from far above; she relished her night with a slow glide over the town. Wind tickled her feathers and caressed her dark coat as she cruised along. A pair of mighty, deep blue wings carried their owner past the border of the town and on toward a small, majestic cloud house that floated in the sky. Despite the proximity to the Everfree Forest, it is clear that no creature had attempted to harm the dwelling or the family who lived inside. A small rainbow pool was embedded in a cloud attached to the side of the house where it twinkled merrily in the starlight. Tiny rainbow coloured hoof marks dotted the clouds nearby. Somepony small had obviously been playing there today. A smile broke out across Luna’s regal features as she spotted it on her pass. She circled the house at a leisurely pace b

Previous Chapter: Crashing Angels chapter 10Two fillies walk out the school gates of Cloudsdale Flight school. They check the small groups of parents
“Mum!” Rainbow Dash waves frantically, quickly obtaining a happy smile from her mother.
The young blue pegasus pulls her shy companion along as they rush out of the school gates to meet Rainbow Dash’s mum.
“Hello dear. I hope you’ve been a good little filly.”
“Yes I have mum.” Dash grins eagerly, choosing to forget all examples of doing otherwise. “And mum. This here is Fluttershy! My best friend, she’s super cool!”
The happy weather pony takes her first good look at Rainbow Dash’s companion. “So... My girl has finally found a friend. How wonderful. It’s nice to meet you Fluttershy.”
“...H-Hello...” Fluttershy says shyly, looking away.
“Shy are you?” Giggles the mare. “Come on. I don’t bite.”
“Mum... there’s a reason she’s called Flut

Next chapter: When its done...


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thanks for the fav!! :D
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